About Us

Triple Creek Maple Products  IS A FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESS.

Triple Creek began producing maple syrup in 1988 with ten taps. Since then, we have built a new sugar house and now have 1950 taps in use. Sap is collected with a wet/dry vacuum tubing system. We reduce boiling time by utilizing a reverse osmosis machine to remove water from the sap. Currently we use wood pellets to fire our 2½’ x 8′ CDL evaporator. Our farm produces maple syrup, maple cream, maple candy, maple granulated crumb sugar, maple cotton candy and maple suckers.


Maple Cotton Candy and Maple Suckers are available only for store pickup and require advanced notice.

Open 7 days a week by appointment - please call first to make sure someone will be home when you visit. ...814 756-4500 or 814 490-6780